Adventures of Anita and Seema the African club night

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Adventures of Anita and Seema the African club night

After the most exciting safari me and seema had a good rest for the day at the hotel. At around 5pm we got a call from the reception. "good evening ma'am I am calling for the reception", "yes tell me", I replied. "ma'am we have a surf bar tonight at our club on the 12th floor, it's free entry for our hotel guests, would you like me to put you and your friend on the list?", I thought it would be nice to see a club here,"yes sounds good, names will be Anita and seema", "yes that's right, thanks have a good evening" and he up.

I narrated the invitation and we thought it would nice to pick up something to wear for the night. We stepped out for some shopping and thought we will buy something kinky. After a few hours of shopping we decided to grab something to eat and then headed back to the hotel. We dropped our bags and decided to take a quick shower. While getting dressed seema got out her red satin thigh length one peiace with an alter neck and no bra. Made her look absolutly stunning, but to make it even better I decided to wear a off shoulder top a black short skirt, without a bra. We took both keys incase we seperated at club, as we both knew we needed to get layed for the night.

We got to the club and walked in and it was jammed with people. It must have been a popular place but we walked straight to the bar ordered a fe w drinks for ourselves. Suddenly a male voice came close to my ear, "may I pay for those?" and we both looked back, a dark smart looking African guy stood behind us. "oh that's ok we have already paid for them", seema said while checking him out,"oh that's ok, then let me just get you another", and he just clicked his fingers and the bar tender got us another drink. He was a really well built guy, about 6 feet and a dark complextion but very smartly dressed. He called himself zack. Me and seema told him we were from out of town and he asked what we have been doing here, and suddenly another guy, patted his back,"hey buddy" and suddenly looked at us,"oh sorry didn't know you had company" and he just said,"oh that's ok, meet Anita and seema, this my freind Issac". We all shook hands and Zack offered seema to dance and they both left for the dance floor, I stood there watching them when Issac said,"so you new in town or tourist?", I smiled and said,"tourist, but I seem to like the place" and we started to have a good laugh with a few drinks down.

Me and Issac stepped down to the dance floor and he was a good dancer, I was jiving against him and rubbing my ass on his pants and I felt is hard on. We danced very passionatly when I whispered in his ear,"need to freshen up, be right back!" and I went towards the loo, when I saw another room called the dresser room. Generally they would seperated the loo from the dresser room incase people just want to get away from the noise. I stepped in and there were a few girls in the corner, and before I could open my purse I felt a arm around me and turned me around and it was Issac. "what are you doing here?" I asked and he smiled and said, "just wana get to know you better", and with that he moved his hand up my top on my back, and I knew exactly what he wanted, I pushed him into a small room and closed the door behind us. Before I could say anything we started to make out and kiss extremely passionately. He started to remove my top, when I held his hand and said," before you see what I have to offer, let's take a look at what you have", and I got hold of his real forced anal against her will belt and trousers and dropped it to his feet.

I went on my knees and pulled his pants down to have a 10" thick dark dick waiting to be fucked," like what you see?", he asked and I just didn't want to answer, I took off my top reaveal my sexy 36C boobs and just dug my mouth on his dick. It was huge and I just couldn't take the whole thing into my mouth. I was running my toungue up and down his shaft and he was moaning away. I sucked on his balls and his dick was just getting harder in my hand. I sucked for a good 10mins when he pulled me up and pushed me against the wall. I thought he was going to fuck me, but he surely had something else in mind. He pulled off my skirt and thong, and knelt down in front of me and I knew I was soaking wet, he spread my legs and started to lick my clean shaven pussy,"aaah fuck this feels really good, hmmmmm, lick it baby, aaahhh" and I stepped a little over him and he kept licking when I let out a moan,"fuck you're already making me cum, aaahh fuck dnt stop" and kept licking me for a good 10mins. I thought I was going to explode as his tounge was licking my pussy and he had a amazing way of sucking on my pussy making it even more .

He stood up and kissed me and said,"honey hope you ready for this" and lifted my one leg and pushed his dick into my dripping pussy,"aaaah fuck this feel goood, don't stop please push all of it", "can your little pussy take all of it?" and smiled, and to prove that it can, I just pushed myself on his pussy to take the whole 10"inside me," aaah you little bitch, you really know how to treat a dick huh?", and started to fuck me against the wall, I was just moaning and asking for more. I had two orgasam in the first 20mins of fucking, and I knew he would last long, he was suckin my boobs and really treating me like a . He was licking my boobs and fucking me which just felt amazing. Then pulled his dick out and turned me around and made bend over a little to fuck me from the back. He stick his dick back into the pussy. "you are really good, I must say you have a great body" and slapped my ass,"hmmm you like it you can use it", I said and moved back an forth fucking his . It felt really good inside me, I felt used when he bent me for forward and playing with my boobs and biting my back."I am gonna cum, where do you want it?" and I just said,"aaah pussy, please in the pussy" and he started . I could feel his banging against my thighs and suddenly I felt his dick harden and we exploded together, I never felt such a oragasam even when I . He shot load after load into my pussy, it felt like never ending and he just kept pushing his dick deeper in my pussy with every shot of cum. I asked him to keep his dick inside me till he emptied every single drop in my pussy. After 5mins he removed his dick from my pussy and turned me around to kiss me. He fondled my boobs for a while and then we decided to get dressed.

We got dressed out and walked back to the bar. We laughed and kissed for a while. I couldn't find seema around and it was sure she was fucking Zack. I asked Issac to call it a night and he left the hotel and I walked back to the room. On my way I just couldn't stop thinking of Issac and our fuck session. As I walked towards the door of my room I heard voices and it seemed like it was seema. I slowly opened the door and peeped inside to see seema riding Zack on our bed. Her dress was half pulled down till her waist and she was bouncing on his dick like a wild animal. To them I barged into the room an they both stopped and stared at me,"oh don't stop because of me, please carry on", and I smiled at both of them, "I wasn't sure you going to be coming back to the room so soon", Zack said. I walked up to the bed and walked to seema, moved my hands in her thick brown hair and she grabbed me and we kissed passionatley, seema broke the kiss and said,"Zack you think you can handle us both, my friend would be left alone if we carry on", he just smiled and said,"it would be my pleasure". I ran my hands on seema half naked body and pulled her dress off compeltely and I pulled off my top and dropped my skirt to the floor and Zack was just staring at two standing in front of him. "you're getting harder inside me Zack?" and seema started laughing and I just positioned myself on zack's face and made him lick my pussy while he fucked seema. I was lost again in escatcy. His toungue was even better than Issac. He licked on my pussy and we all moved in correlation and all seema said was,"fuck me baby, harder c'mon, harder baby" and he was ramping his dick in her.

Then seema stopped and got off his dick and I was zapped it was even thicker than issac's dick. Seema pulled me off zack's mouth and I was on top of seema kissing and fondling and licking her boobs when Zack stuck his dick into my pussy. It just felt amazing and suddenly seema moved and started to suck my boobs and said,"hmm your hubby not gonna like it if he finds out you been fucking a black guy?" and Zack stopped and said,"what? You married?", and I turned my head back and said,"not only me, she is married too!" he was completely zapped,"do you really care? You are fucking us like your fucking toy, we chicks are ready to give you what you want, fuck us and leave, I'm sure you're not here to have a relationship are you?" and seema started laughing and Zack just smiled and said," fine, If that's how it is" and started to fuck me even harder and he was holding my hips and pushing me on his dick even harder and faster. He then removed his dick and pushed it under me and into seema's pussy and started to fuck her like a whore. He didn't care but kept swtiching between our pussys and we were loving it. "aaah fuck this feels good, please don't stop, you gonna cum?", he just nodded and I just said,"shoot it in her pussy", and he just took it out of my pussy and stuck his dick inside seema and shot load after load in her pussy. Seema was shaking on the bed with her massive oragasam and just shouted "ooh fuck yea more baby fuck yea" and he offloaded his and took it out.

Me and seema just collapsed on eachother and he fell next to us on the bed. I kissed him and said I need to clean up, and I got up and walked into the bathroom. I walked into the shower and the hot water from the shower ran across xnxxv sunny leone video my body and it felt really great.

Suddenlly the shower door opened and seema and Zack walked into the shower. We took a shower togther and before we knew it Zack's dick was hard again. Me and seema just went on our knees and gave him a good working and rubbing with licking his balls at the same time and before we knew it he exploded on both of us and he came all over me and seema. We stood up and kissed him and cleaned up.

We had a few drinks again and then Zack decided to leave for the night. We told him we were here for another 4 days and if he wanted to meet us he knew where we were. He gave us his number and left. Me and seema were exhausted from all the fucking and I told her about Issac but before I knew it she was already asleep.

I swithed off the lights and feel asleep naked because we had a massage appointment in the afternoon the next day...