Football Players Wife

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Football Players Wife

Summer was always a fun time for me as a teenager. I spent most of the time at my families summer home in Idaho. I know you think Idaho what a bunch of hick’s. Not the place where I went. We had a summer home on Priest Lake and we lived on a small lane with about 10 houses that all shared a single dock so there was always someone around. One of the best parts about up there was the lake and just relaxing but second was that our next door neighbor was a football player for the Dallas Cowboys. His name was Jeff I can’t say full name I don’t want a law suit. He and his wife Laura came up to Idaho every year after the season ended and stayed tell Jeff had to leave for training camp. His wife Laura was smoking hot. She was about 6’1’ 33 years old but was still tight every where. She worked out every day just like me and her ass didn’t give an inch and she had just the right size breast where they didn’t move.

She had Brown hair and smooth white skin. She always worse a /bikini/small-bikini/">small bikini but nothing too revealing. Enough to tell she had a dynamite body. Not a lot of /women/">women were up there so I always let myself watch Laura and I’d often jack off while thinking about her. My window was about 20 /feet/">feet from the /master/">master bedroom window of there house and every now and then I heard them having sex. She never seemed to make that much noise it was always Jeff that made the noise. Jeff and Laura were too incredibly nice people and they told me and all the other teenagers and kids that if they ever wanted Popsicles they could grab some from their basement refrigerator and we didn’t have to knock. They were always so nice I could never make any comments to Laura about how hot she was or about how much I wanted her. Plus Jeff was freaking massive he was about 6’5 260 pounds of solid muscle. 

They had a full weight set and I didn’t have any equipment so I asked Jeff if I could use his weights and he gave me permission. Jeff was a early riser and he always worked out early and then went and sat and the dock and swam and relaxed for about 2 hours. Most of the time when I went walking in to use his weights he was just finishing or walking down to the dock. Usually I was working out the same time as Laura and we talked about things and where to go on the lake. We had a weird conversation one day. She asked me how the ladies were treating me on the lake and I said ’what ladies there’s only you and your married and then there’s a bunch of older farts.’ Both of us laughed at that and she kind of gave me a little wink. I thought she was kind of messing around and just having fun with me. The next day we worked out again but she was almost finished when I came and about when I started she said she was finished and went to take a shower.

I was working out for about 5 minutes then realized I forgot a towel. I looked around for one and couldn’t find her so I went to ask Laura where one was. She had the door open a peek so I just kind of yelled through it and she said the only towels in the house were in the bathroom and I said oh well I’ll wait for you to finish and she said no it’s alright. I walked in and tried not to look at Laura but they had a clear glass door to the shower and she was washing her hair and turned from me and I could see her ass and I kind of just froze and stared. I grabbed a towel as quickly as I could and tried to leave but I couldn’t. She was still washing her hair and had her eyes closed and turned to me and I could see her entire front side. She had the greatest breast in the world with medium sized tits and a shaven pussy. Her lips weren’t that big on her pussy but it looked tight. 

I stared and stared and then she opened her eyes and saw me staring at her and I thought quick and turned around and walked out and said thanks for the towel hoping she hadn’t realized I was staring at her for so long. I went about my workout and when I was finishing Jeff came back and asked me how my workout was and I said great and thanked him again for letting me use the weights. He asked me where Laura said and I said she took a shower but I don’t know where she was now. I was tired so I went home and took a nap. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard them start fucking. It was different this time I could hear her moaning I never had heard her make any noise when they were having sex before. I listened to them fuck and starting jacking off while thinking about Laura when she was in the shower and what it would be like to fuck her. I spewed a huge load and then took my nap.

The next day was my day off from the weights and I didn’t blowjob porn videos see Laura down at the dock and I started to worry that she might be embarrassed to talk to me after I was starting at her. All that changed the next day I went to the weights and Jeff was just leaving and we exchanged greetings. I went in and started working out and I forgot my towel but I did it on purpose this time. Just then I heard the shower start and I snuck up and grabbed a towel. Laura didn’t see me at first and just as I was about to leave she turned around and saw me there so I tried to duck out and she yelled wait. I said yeah and she asked you were staring at me the other day weren’t you when I was in the shower? I tried to kind of give a weak answer and said well I was just grabbing a towel and I tried not to look but I’m sorry I just took a quick peak. During this whole conversation she was standing there naked and I could see everything and I was trying as hard as I could to keep my eyes level with hers. She said it was okay it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The next thing she said surprised me. She said it turned her on knowing that someone was staring at her and saw her naked besides Jeff. 

She opened the shower door and starting walking towards me and said after I caught you staring at me I got so turned on and I had /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex I’ve ever had with Jeff. Hearing her talk like this and having her walking toward me naked was overwhelming and my dick started to grow in my shorts. It grew till it got to it’s full 8 inches and she started grabbed it through my shorts. She said you don’t know how many times I’ve fantasized about fucking another man besides Jeff. She pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang up and she said wow your bigger then Jeff is and also looks like I’m not the only one who shaves. I took this as a huge ego boost knowing I had a bigger dick then someone Taller and Bigger then me. She leaned down and opened her mouth and placed her big luscious lips on my cock. She started to lick up and down it and put her lips on the side of it and ran her lips up and down the side of it.

It felt so good she started to jerk me off with her hand and she took her mouth and started to suck my cock up and down up and down while her hand was jerking the bottom of my cock. I’d been with girls but none that could suck a cock like Laura. She took her hand off and took my dick as deep as she could into her mouth. She went up and down and started to speed up. It felt so good and I started to hit her throat with my cock and the walls of her throat of my cock felt so good and wet and I couldn’t take it any longer. She started to suck on my balls and jerked me off until the first bits of cum started to shoot then I grabbed my cock and jerked it off and shot cum all over her mouth. I gave her a nice cum back and her entire face was /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum. She just looked up at me and smiled and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. 

I put her down on the bed and started to kiss her and I took my hands and started to massage her breast. After a minute of this I took my hands down and started to finger bang her with 2 fingers while sucking on her beautiful tits. Her tits started to get hard and I knew she was going to be ready for soon to fuck. I have a thing that I do when eating a girl out. I finger bang her with two fingers and spell the abc’s on her clit with my tongue at the same time. In all my experience nothing gets women off faster and with Laura there was no difference. Her pussy was covering my fingers in juice and I was attacking her clit and she started to moan really loudly. Just as she started moaning her pussy shot everywhere and absolutely doused my entire hand in juices. She screamed while Cumming and then I took my hand and let her lick her juices off and she told me that was amazing. 

I climbed on top of her and guided my cock into her well-lubricated pussy. I slid it in slowly to let her pussy get used to my size. She closed her eyes and moaned and her lips formed an O while I stretched the walls of her pussy. It took a minute for her to get used to my size and after it I started to go slowly in and out of her pussy and watched my cock just getting covered in juice. She was so wet I could tell she was incredibly turned on. Her pussy was not used to my cock and it felt like her pussy was squeezing my cock it felt incredible. I started to speed up and as I sped up she got louder and louder. She was moaning incredibly loud and I just continued to pound her pussy. After a few minutes of this I turned her over and fucked her doggy style. She was so wet it felt so incredible. My balls were slapping her clit while I was pounding her and her moaning was sexy as all hell. She said she was about to cum and she wanted to ride me so I got under her and she lowered her ass down and let her pussy come down on top of my cock. She formed the O-face again while my cock was sliding into her. I could tell she really knew how to do this position and she was really good at riding like this.

She was jumping up and down on my cock and screaming like a /crazy/">crazy women yelling yes yes yes and she started to cum again and gushed all over my cock. Feeling her juices all over pushed me over the edge and I yelled oh my god I’m going to cum and started to pump harder and I shot 6 hot streams of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into her pussy and her juices and my cum started to slide down my cock and run all over my balls and my stomach. She fell on top of me and just laid there. Her beautiful breast laying on my chest. I looked over at the clock and said oh shit Jeff is going to be up in a second I better go. So I grabbed my clothes and threw them on and ran down the stairs. I heard Laura go back into the shower and as I was walking to my house I saw Jeff walking up and he asked how my workout was. I started laughing and he asked me what was wrong I just said oh the workout was better then most today and started laughing again. Hopefully he never got the joke.

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