Lesbian Paradise

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Lesbian Paradise

Maggie had been deserted, dumped and left high and dry. Her recent split from her marriage of 5 years had left her in the middle of nowhere in life. She had left her job after getting married to Jake as his high paying job meant she needn't lift a finger to get what she wanted. Just when life seemed perfect and she was in her total bliss, things took a tragic turn.

She discovered that Jake had been cheating on her since the 1st day of their marriage and everything it stood for was a complete mirage. It became clear that Jake never could commit to a single woman, he craved for more and more. Maggie had caught him with their house maid in the shower. she stormed out of their Manhattan penthouse and was now roaming the streets desperately in search of a place to stay. She had very less money saved up and barely had any friends in the city.

So there she was, a 32 year old woman lonely and sad on the streets of Manhattan. A certain feeling of hatred towards all men began developing in her head, they're all the same, they just want pussy. She walked the streets for hours in sheer anger till she came across a bar. The bar seemed quite an average bar. She stepped inside and went to the bar tender "A shot of /teacher/">teacher's please" the Bar tender was a woman, a rather manly woman handed her her order.

A shadowy figure approached her from the side of the poorly lit bar and said in a soft voice "if you get any sadder than this you'll murder that poor shot of whiskey" Maggie turned her attention to a slender woman the woman was slowly approaching her. She seemed young, probably as young as maggie herself, she was a red head and her eyes were a serene green, her skin was clear and a bit pale. Her breasts were easily a size 34d maggie thought and her hips were well rounded. she sat elegantly next to maggie and said "hello there honey, my name's Irina. pleasure to meet you, I've never seen you here before." A Russian tinge was evident in her voice.

"I'm Maggie...I've never been here before"
"You seem rather down on your luck madame...maybe a few drinks shall cheer you up. I am alone too and i would enjoy the company if you dont mind??" Irina said
"Of course not" replied Maggie in a lost tone as she was somewhere a little apprehensive about this new stranger but also possessed by her mesmerizing beauty.

"Yolanda, her drinks are on me" Irina said confidently to which the manly woman nodded.
"I'm Sorry I can't, I barely know you." said Maggie, a little embarrassed.

"Please I insist" Said Irina, and as she said it placed her hand on top of wwwxxx maggies. Maggie felt a current inside of her and her pussy began to feel a little moist. Maybe its the whiskey Maggie thought.

Irina ordered heavy drinks some of which she said were special Russian cocktails. The drinks began to have their effect, Maggie felt relaxed and slowly began to fall prey to Irina's sexy eyes. She told her all about Jake and what had transpired. Irina however was least interested in her talks, she was totally checking out this young blonde the wwwxxx who was thin but her perky 32d breasts and her perfectly blonde hair were to die for! She imagined all the things she could do with her. Irina tactfully moved their place to a small booth at the corner of the bar.

It was as good as a small room. Maggie could not understand why she was here nor did she care. Both /women/">women looked into one another's eyes and they both wanted the same thing. Irina jumped at her new prey and gave in a deep kiss and maggie did not resist one bit. She wanted this woman, she wanted only women in her life from now on. Irina was vigorous and slowly began moving her hands between Maggies legs and finger fucked her while they were kissing. Maggie came hard and that too within few minutes.

"They are waiting for you downstairs my love...i'm sure they will be very pleased with what i'm bringing them" said Irina naughtily.
"They? who? what are you talking about??" asked maggie worriedly.

"Dont worry my darling. Irina will take good care of you, trust me" and she kissed maggie and picked her up in her arms like a little baby. She carried her out of the booth and said to the bartender

"I've got my catch,now open the door". The woman simply nodded and pressed a button behind the bar. A door opened, when Maggie looked at the door it just seemed like a part of the wall and that is when she realised that it was a secret door. she looked around and she saw 3 women in the booth opposite to hers, this was no ordinary bar. It was a lesbian bar. Irina carried her /new/new-sex/">new sex toy down the stairs that were behind the secret door. Maggie was anxious and also excited at the same time. She was /scared/">scared but she was also getting wetter as she anticipated the next /surprise/">surprise of the day. They walked downwards into a level much lower than an ordinary basement. they soon approached a door.

That is when Irina said "Baby after we cross this door your world will change forever but what you see is a complete secret and you must never tell anybody about it, understand?". Maggie only nodded. Irina kissed her passionately and let her down and completely stripped herself as well as maggie of every last clothing. She then opened the door....

The light inside the room was very bright and as maggie could let her vision set, she saw what was behind the secret door. It was a piece of heaven. A lesbian heaven! there were about 60 or so women in the room completely undressed and in a completely erotic orgy! they all turned their attention to Maggie and looked at her with lust in their eyes. "Ladies i bring to you Maggie, our newest friend and member", turning her attention to Maggie Irina said, "Maggie welcome to the league of lesbians. Our sisterhood and haven for /lesbian/lesbian-women/">lesbian women, you are now one of us." as she completed her words, the sea of women swarmed onto maggie and began devouring her body, She was overwhelmed as every part of her body was completely occupied, many fingers found their way into her /asshole/">asshole as well as her pussy, her mouth was flooded either by mouths or by the pussy juices of other women.

She was in heaven, her breasts were being nibbled on and she loved the feeling, about 3 different fingers were trying to enter her pussy and the scent of other pussies and their juices drove her insane. she came again and again and everytime she came she heard praises from the other women. She enjoyed the taste of almost every woman in the room for hours until all the women continued with each other. Suddenly the door opened again and a tall woman walked into the room. She was the Bartender. all the women froze and began to wish her by calling her 'madame agatha' . it turned out she was the founder of the group of women that were in the basement. In a low pitch voice she said "The new recruit must undergo the initiation test"

"what is that ??" Maggie asked Irina as she struggled to catch her breath. "Do not worry my love, it is simply a test to prove you are worthy of this club. you will pass it."

Madame Agatha undressed herself to reveal a strap on dildo she was wearing. Possibly the largest one Maggie had ever seen. It had to be about 9 inches long and atleast 4 inches thick. Maggie looked horrified but under her fear there was a carnal lust growing inside.
Madame Agatha came close to her and gently picked her up and said "oh you are pretty indeed...i knew you'd join us as soon as i saw you" and she slowly inserted the monster phallus inside Maggie. Maggie cried with pain but the feeling was joyous, she had never felt this kind of sensation before. Agatha began fucking her slowly at first and increased her pace gradually.

Maggie came about 3 times before agatha stopped and said "welcome to our ranks sweetheart" and kissed maggie deeply. "Your welcome to stay here as long as you like darlin' you're one of us now". Maggie was too tired and overwhelmed, Irina took her in her arms and took her into a room which was joined to the one they were in and she made love to Maggie for a while more and said "Baby from now on you're my /lesbian/lesbian-wife/">lesbian wife. since you have nowhere to go, you'll stay with me and i shall take care of you." Maggie loved the idea she was more excited than ever! irina kissed maggie again and the ladies fell asleep in one another's arms.